Five ways to stay fit during the winter

A quick look outside will tell you that we’re currently bracing through the winter months! It may be cold and icy outside, but that doesn’t mean it’s unsafe to make positive changes to your health. We’ve come up with some easy workarounds so you can stay healthy without having to deal with the icy chill, whether that involves being inside or outside of the house.

(1)    Get some sun

With winter bringing shorter days, it’s possible that your vitamin D levels can fall. Some studies suggest that higher levels of vitamin D help to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Spending time in the sun in the moments when it’s out will help to keep vitamin D levels steady, which can help to regulate your immune system. Perhaps consider early morning exercise to burn off calories while gaining vitamin D or a lunchtime walk when the sun is at its peak.

(2)    Catch up on sleep

Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night and getting the right amount of sleep on a daily basis is extremely important and so is keeping a consistent schedule for it. With winter bringing earlier and darker nights, it seems like the perfect excuse to get some additional sleep where possible. Being more rested may well give you the added motivation to exercise more during the day!

(3)    Exercise at home

As winter is the season of icy pavements and snowed-in houses, it may not always be feasible to leave the home to exercise. Fortunately, there’s plenty of simple exercises that you can try at home – from conventional push-ups and squats to walking up and down stairs repeatedly. While experiencing the great outdoors is useful for curbing your type 2 diabetes risk, braving the chilly weather isn’t always necessary when you can also burn off calories inside.

(4)    Walk around your local shopping centre

One of the simplest options for lowering type 2 diabetes risk has always been to spend time walking every day. A shopping centre is a good indoor alternative, being large and well spread out. Some have staircases and escalators to walk up for some added calorie burning. You may well stumble upon a fair few deals on your journey, too!

(5)    Go ice skating

Most cities will have an ice rink open to the public during the winter months, and ultimately, it’s fun and certainly a great form of exercise! For added enjoyment, perhaps visit your local ice rink alongside your friends and family.

We hope that these tips help you through the winter months. Don’t hibernate, use the shorter days wisely, remember that when working to prevent type 2 diabetes, small changes make a big impact!