Six simple ways to make your Christmas T2D-friendly

As the saying goes, ‘tis the season to be jolly. The looming scent of turkey may be difficult to resist but being mindful of your eating over the festive period can make a significant impact about how you feel in the new year!

(1)    Avoid the turkey skin

Turkey is, to some, an integral part of the Christmas meal. An easy step to reduce the fat and calorie intake of turkey is to remove the skin – you can also pick out the lighter meat to further reduce the amount of calories consumed.

(2)    Mince pie size

No mincing of words here – the iconic pie appears in its natural habitat as early as November. Whether you desire the mince pie as part of a larger meal or a simple workplace treat, the simplest option is to buy mini pies instead of the standard equivalent. Smaller portions will assist with cutting back on fat and calories; consider eating the pies on smaller plates too, for an added feeling of fullness.

If you feel comfortable baking your own, you could also consider making mince pies with wholemeal flour instead of the standard equivalent.

(3)    Eat gradually

If you’re enjoying the company of family and friends, there’s no need to rush your food. Savour every last bite – if others are still eating by the time you’re finished, you may find it tempting to eat extra food, and eating slowly could prevent this. Drinking lots of water could also help to further reduce your food intake.

(4)    Go nuts (figuratively!)

Rather than preparing large amounts of savoury snack-foods such as crisps before a Christmas dinner or party, consider a bowl of nuts in their shells – whether they’re walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds. Other alternative festive snacks that your guests will be sure to enjoy include grapes and satsumas, a likely welcome break from all of that chocolate!

(5)    If you drink, drink responsibly

It’s Christmas, and while you shouldn’t feel pressured into drinking, if you do it’s important to drink in moderation. We recommend light wines or a single spirit measure with a diet mixer over other alcoholic beverages, since these tend to contain less calories.

If you do decide to drink alcohol this Christmas, please consume responsibly - no more than 2 to 3 units in one day!

(6)    Don’t be afraid of leftovers

Once you’re done with your healthy meal, don’t be afraid to keep the rest for later if there’s still some left. Not only will keeping leftovers provide a more beneficial impact on your health, provided you preserve them correctly, but it will help to save money in the long run. If you don’t wish to eat yet more turkey immediately after Christmas, perhaps consider freezing your leftovers for later.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone on the Buddi team – we hope that these tips help to nuj you in the right direction!