How to have a healthy Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching, and that means there will be plenty of scary sweets and ghostly snacks being handed out. Whilst it’s all good fun, it can be tempting to overindulge in these unhealthy foods and overdo it. Follow these few simple tips, and you will be able to stay healthy during the Halloween period:

(1)    Don’t celebrate early!

Shops will start stocking up on all their spooky Halloween sweets and treats weeks in advance of October 31st. Don’t feel tempted into buying and eating these treats early though. If you do prepare early and buy some sweets well beforehand, make sure to keep them hidden and out of the way and only bring them out on the day itself.

(2)    Eat a full (healthy!) meal for dinner

Before you go out for the evening Halloween party or to go trick-or-treating, ensure you eat a full balanced meal. This will fill you up and reduce your cravings for sweet food. This means you won’t over indulge in all the freely available sweets and instead will find it easy to only eat a couple of Halloween goodies.

(3)    Healthy alternative snacks

Go the extra mile and take your own healthy snacks out to eat instead of all the sugary offerings going around on Halloween. You could try eating a granola bar, dried fruit or even animal crackers instead. Give yourself a pat on the back if you follow through with this tip – it shows you are taking your new healthy lifestyle seriously!

(4)    Don’t let Halloween disrupt your healthy habits

If you do decide to get into the Halloween spirit and celebrate by eating a few sweets, make sure to get back into your healthy habits a day or two afterwards. Halloween is a special occasion so eating a few sweets is acceptable, but once it’s over don’t continue to indulge and fall back into unhealthy habits. Get rid of any leftover sweets from the house and stay on track by cooking up a healthy meal and going for a long autumn walk!

We hope you have fun this Halloween! Remember to keep our tips in mind so you can enjoy the holiday while keeping your healthy lifestyle on track.