Happy little walks: London

A healthy lifestyle can help to prevent type 2 diabetes and lower your risk of the condition (don’t know if you’re at risk? Try our test here). Here at Nujjer we’re committed to bringing you information that can help you make small, positive changes that may well result in good health.

With that in mind, we’d like to shed some light on some of the best walking routes – this time in London!

(1)    Primrose Hill

213ft above sea level, this hill just outside Regent’s Park may seem like a bit of a trek at first but the summit boasts a spectacular view of the city that’s just too good to spoil. Primose Hill is one of the six protected viewpoints in London!

(2)    St James’s Park

It can get pretty busy, but St James’s Park itself now boasts a healthier lifestyle considering it used to be a swamp! The oldest of London’s eight royal parks, it’s a particularly tranquil and beautifully kept place to stroll around. The park includes The Mall and Horse Guards Parade and is surrounded by Westminster and Buckingham Palace.

There are also pelicans, fed daily at 2.30pm!

(3)    The Jubilee Greenway

Completed in 2012 and unveiled for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. While the entire greenway spans a rather scary 37 miles, there are sections of it that make for a beautiful short walk – one of the highlights being Little Venice to/from Camden – a 2-mile stroll that passes by London Zoo and the beautiful Regent’s Canal.

(4)    London Loop

This walk stops by a number of places around the entirety of London, including Uxbridge, Elstree and Chigwell – it’s a rather long journey, totalling 150 miles and would probably take a number of days to complete in full, but much like The Jubilee Greenway it’s also sectioned and helpfully divided into 24 sections by TfL here.

(5)    The Green Chain

A 50-mile walk in South London that has once again been divided into sections covering areas such as Bostall Woods and Nunhead Cemetery. The route passes by Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park and the Thames Barrier, one of the largest moveable flood barriers in the world.

(6)    The Line

Feeling a bit artsy? The Line is definitely your best bet – it’s the first contemporary ‘art walk’ that passes by a number of sculptures and other pieces. The route runs between The O2 and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and crosses both sides of the Thames. The Line also follows the Greenwich Meridian which separates east from west in the same that that the equator separates north from south, it also sits at the centre of our system of time zones.


We hope you enjoyed navigating through this little guide and that it inspires you to make a positive change to try out a new walk – remember that small changes make a big impact!

November marks this year’s annual Diabetes Awareness Month. Together we can change the record and prevent type 2 diabetes in the future. If you’re at a higher risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a gentle nuj in the right direction may be all you need!