Nujjer Recommendations


    Recommendations for using your nujjer wristband

    • While the nujjer wristband is waterproof and can be worn 24/7, we recommend that you do not shower while wearing it for the following reasons:
      • wearing wristbands while wet may irritate your skin
      • soap is an irritant and may, occasionally, get trapped underneath the wristband causing skin irritation/rashes
    • Keep your device clean and dry. As soap is an irritant, we recommend that you clean it using a soap-free cleanser and dry it thoroughly using a towel prior to placing it back on your wrist. Ensure that your wrist is also dry. The above should be performed following:
      • work-out sessions or activities that cause you to sweat
      • the application of products that may become trapped underneath the wristband such as lotions, creams and oils
    • We recommend that you alternate between wrists as prolonged contact with skin may lead to irritation/rashes. Please note that if you have a history of eczema, allergies and/or asthma, you are more prone to a skin irritation following device usage.
    • If you experience a skin rash following wristband usage that does not subside within a couple of days, we recommend that you get in touch with a dermatologist.
    • Ensure that your wristband is not too tight; it should be loose enough to move across your wrist. Wearing it higher on your wrist will allow for this. If it appears to be tight, please call Buddi on 0800 978 8800 or email Buddi on to arrange for delivery of a replacement wristband.
    • We recommend that you do not charge your wristband while it is wet to avoid the unlikely event of thermal injuries or electrocution.
    • To avoid prolonged skin contact, we recommend that you occasionally take a break by removing the nujjer wristband for approximately one hour.
    • To ensure your home is child- and pet-friendly, we recommend that you do not leave the wristband nor its constituents, such as the clasps, unattended.