Studies have shown that digital diabetes prevention programmes are more effective than traditional face to face prevention programmes.

Nujjer’s innovative 12-month behavioural change solution targets those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes by encouraging physical activity and weight loss.

The programme utilises an activity-sensitive wearable device and an mHealth app through which messages, educational modules that are based on the CDC modules and behavioural components are delivered.

The programme is enables participants to log and keep track of their activity and eating habits, allowing them to make healthier choices gradually over time with the help of personalised ‘nudges’.


NHS DDPP & Pilots

nujjer in partnership: NHS Digital Diabetes Prevention Programme

Buddi has been selected as one of the 5 providers on the NHS Digital Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DDPP). The intervention has rolled out across 52 practices in Somerset to determine the effectiveness of the solution in the real-world.


In collaboration with King’s Health Partners, a randomised controlled trial, was conducted in South London on 200 patients at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


In collaboration with the Dasman Diabetes Institute, a clinical trial has been conducted in Kuwait on 600 patients at risk of type 2 diabetes.


Working with CCGs and GP practices to deliver nujjer locally

Local pilots are being offered to provide patients with an innovative digital solution and to gain further evidence from demographically diverse populations across the UK

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